Julie O'Kelly

Born and raised just outside of Portland, Julie was inspired at a young age by her mother's pursuit of Japanese calligraphy and oil painting. Her mother, with brush in hand and a scarf on her head, was the living embodiment of the bohemian gipsy girl portrayed in so many Traditional American tattoo flash paintings! Julie focused primarily on drawing early on. Later she developed an active interest in photography where she honed her skills in composition and layout.


In 1999, much to her mother's chagrin, Julie ran off with artist/pirate JD O'Kelly and embarked on a life of musical and artistic adventures. Julie was eventually overcome by the beauty of Traditional American Tattooing and knew she had to become a part of this tradition. 


Originally mentored by JD, Julie has developed her own voice within the genre of Traditional American Tattooing. She is inspired by Old West, and Victorian era Circus imagery as well as 19th Century Scrimshaw.


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