Electric City Tattoo was opened in the fall of 2008 by JD O'Kelly. After several years of working in busy street shops and brief stints in custom shops, JD decided it was time to open his own venue. An intimate old-school parlor setting allows for each tattoo to be crafted to its fullest potential. We emphasize a traditional approach to tattooing. Rather than trying to make every piece a historic reproduction, we operate with a philosophy that acknowledges the changing nature of the skin as a medium. Hence the phrase, "Bold will Hold!" So bold lines and black shading are the structural underpinning of any tattoo we do regardless of the style of subject matter. This type of  traditional approach is fluid and works beautifully with nearly any design.

Our shop operates essentially as a private studio, so we are open 4 days a week for tattooing. This allows us the time to give our busy tattoo designing schedule the attention it requires. 

We are in the shop Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon usually between the hours of 1:00pm-8:00pm. We typically work by appointment, but we are up for walk-ins as time allows…

If you'd like to come by, call ahead for availability. For scheduling a design consultation, feel free to call or email us.

We are sorry that apart from consultations, we don't make actual tattoo appointments over the phone or through email. Appointments must be made in person, and require a $40.00 non-refundable deposit. We accept Cash or Credit Card.


Electric City Tattoo

6026 NE Glisan Street

Portland, Or 97213



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